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Old Orchard Beach Dining and Restaurants

Old Orchard Beach Restaurants

Old Orchard Beach Maine Dining and RestaurantsWith over 40 restaurants and eateries gracing the Old Orchard Beach area, one of the greatest dilemmas is deciding where to eat. Everything from roadside clamshacks to fine dining overlooking the beach and the Atlantic Ocean. We have it all! Fried clams, steamers, prime rib, pizza, Chinese, Greek, Mexican, Italian and, of course, lobster prepared a dozen different ways are just a few of the many dining options.

Blueberry pancakes, Belgium waffles, Eggs Benedict, omelettes, and coffee in your favorite flavors are awaiting you every morning. You may want to lunch overlooking the beach or enjoy one of the dozens of restaurants offering fabulous luncheon specials. Come dinner time there are numerous family dining options to please your palate and your purse. Or enjoy a romantic night out at one of our fine dining establishments.

Old Orchard Beach Maine Fine DiningAfter dinner, enjoy a night "out on the town" at one of the dozens of nightclubs offering entertainment. Live bands, jazz, and karaoke are just a few of the many nightly activities offered in season.

The following chart offers basic information about some of the many dining options in our area. While many establishments do not take reservations, it never hurts to call ahead to check hours of operation and availability.


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